There are no words to explain,
no tongue
how when the player touches
the strings, it’s me playing
and being played
how existence turns around this music, 

how stories 

grow from the trunk.

Rumi (trans. Coleman Barks)

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Home Page - Events


VOCE DIALOGUES is a pioneering new Podcast Series - with vocal artists, visionaries, innovative educators, mystics and cultural activists - exploring the often unique, subtle, unexpected, skillful, imaginal, and courageous role required in the evolution of compassionate communication and caring relationships. Given the turmoil that humanity faces – individually and collectively – the VOCE Dialogues offers a transformative online sanctuary for deep listening and courageous conversations, providing awareness skills and practices - spoken, sung, or silent - for compassionate communication

Home Page - Online Classes

Home Page - Online Classes


5 January 2020 - 6 April 2021

Sound Medicine to Liberate Your Soul's Voice:

A Vocal Journey of Self-Discovery & Renewal to Find Oneness With Your Eternal Identity, Online Course [more info]


10 March - 1 December 2021

Living Presence: A Community of Sound - The Singing Field Membership, New 9-Month Online Course with Hawkwood College [more info]

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Rosa Fay-9205-square

Rosa Fay-9205-square


Chloë has made a diverse range of uplifting music, inspired by wisdom cultures and mystical traditions. The music is available to download, and in some cases, buy on CD. You can also now enjoy a new opportunity here to access and meditate with Chloe’s devotional sound online. Simply access the Meditation Room, and take some time out of your day, to relax and restore for 15 minutes or more. Chloë’s albums include, DeviSura (Grammy nominated), Fierce Wisdom, Mahamaya, Contemporary Devotion, Laughing Heart and her retrospective album Thousand Ways of Light. Also available is the love poetry album, Chloe co-produced with Rumi poet, Coleman Barks, There is Some Kiss We Want.

Home Page - VOCE Dialogues

Home Page - VOCE Dialogues


These online classes offer you a unique opportunity to access and express your true potential, authenticity, passion and power. They are available for everyone, newcomers and committed practitioners alike. Find yourself in a profound inviolable ‘field’ of deep non-judgemental listening, dispelling separateness, unifying diversity, generating shared values, and sound leadership. The aim is to restore and renew conscious loving relationships through a mindful use of sound. 

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Home Page - Events - Test2

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