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"This is truly remarkable, life-changing work...”

“As we continue and deepen our practice we are discovering magical transformations.  This is truly remarkable, life-changing work.”
 - Debra Mauro

"What I have learned...has changed my life..."

"What I have learned in just a few months has changed my life.  I am in deep appreciation." 

- Laurel Schwartz, Wisconsin

“Now my voice is clear, strong, and even beautiful”

Chloë is phenomenal and has a true gift of bringing out your authentic soul voice. Her teaching is beautifully feminine, of which any walk of life could relate to, even us "non-singers." Now my voice is clear, strong, and even beautiful. Thank you so much, Chloë! 
— Daisy Pongrakthai, Kettle Falls, Washington

“In such a short a time I encountered my true voice...”

The beauty and subtlety of the experience of learning to listen and trust what is unraveling in my depths while allowing the fixations and chatter of my ego to be emptied with compassion and unconditional regard was truly liberating. It’s amazing how in such a short a time I encountered my true voice and resonance with a mixed community of peoples from all over the globe. It inspires me hereon to receive people I meet from this authenticity, and to resonate with them the truth that defines what is meaningful and creative in our relationships and lives together as a community. 
— Marisa, Manila, Philippines

“Helped me release pressures and criticisms...”

Chloë gave me a gift that I treasure greatly. These three words — “Express, not impress” — have impacted my life, and have helped me release pressures and criticisms in favor of fluid, honest expression. 
— Marisa Brenizer, California

“Chloë can bring your voice out without any pressure”

This course encouraged self-expression and the power of my own sound in daily life. I discovered that the more work I did the more happiness and connection I felt throughout the day. I recommend this course for the easiness in communicating with others from around the globe. Chloë can bring your voice out without any pressure. 
— Jessica Boeters, United Kingdom

group of singers_edited.jpg
“Different and unique from conventional singing lessons”

I was able to find and allow myself to unleash the deepest and purest me, the unknown of my soul in being able to express happiness, contentment, and peace through the new discovery of my voice with the singing practices of this course. Chloë’s practices and teachings are different and unique from conventional singing lessons. The feelings I experienced were real, raw, and authentic, and unleashed the naked, pure sound in me.
— Elke Ch. Lackner, Brisbane, Australia

“I love the empowerment of my own authentic self”

The powerful working of the singing field brought me connection to like-minded people. To be able to work on my own healing through singing and poetry. I love the empowerment of my own authentic self. 
— Karin Baumans, Netherlands

“Wonderful experiential exercises...”

This course was rich and inspiring. Chloë has exciting and original ideas about exploring your voice and learning to use it spontaneously to express your true self... There are wonderful experiential exercises, stimulating interaction with other enthusiastic participants, and Chloë provides excellent feedback to all of us in the group sharing online. Highly recommended! 
— Debra, Bellingham, Washington

“I learned how to reach deeper into my soul...”

Chloë is the real thing, so authentic, loving, and awake, and so willing to share her amazing talent. I loved this course because I learned how to reach deeper into my soul voice and how to let it sing to me from a place of truth. The mantras are very beautiful and easy to learn. 
— Anonymous

“Find confidence in using your voice...”

Chloë has captured an aspect of sounding the voice that allows one to go deep within, to unearth old stuff and find confidence in using your voice in whatever capacity you’re looking for. It’s both literal and figurative in finding your voice.
— Rose, Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Struck chords within that continue to resound...”

This course has allowed me to go deeply into the work of uncovering the voice and to witness the truth of where it comes from. The work has struck chords within that continue to resound so I can only choose to continue the journey. I can only imagine how peaceful Earth will be when everyone has been touched by this work. 
— Patricia, Phoenix, Arizona

“I could begin to really liberate my voice...”

I’ve tried singing my whole life, but have not been able to fully open my throat and sing with the freedom and power I desire. Chloë’s instruction gave me an example and many “how to” techniques, so I could begin to really liberate my voice. This course was helpful and a joy for me — and I’d recommend it to anyone who desires to experience more freedom in their self-expression. 
— Daniel Bushnell, Santa Monica, California

“More free and at the same time more grounded...”

I feel more free and at the same time more grounded with my vocal expression, more myself and at the same time less attached to “me.” I love the simple practices I can do every day and how much impact they have, adjusting my energies every time I do one (or more) of them. 
— Sonja, Germany

"Like coming home to myself..."

Thank you so much for an extraordinarily experience of love, fulfilment and connection. From the moment you started singing on Thursday night at Hawkwood I recognised something so profoundly buried in me and lost. The rest of the weekend was just like coming home to myself.

— Kim French, United Kingdom

"Profoundly changed..."

Chloë’s presence and deep listening is magnetic and compelling. She’s a masterful teacher, and anyone who studies with her will be profoundly changed.
— Linda, Palo Alto, California

"Now I know I can just be..."

Being a part of the shift course confirmed for me that the greatest gift I have to offer the world is my silence, my presence. For most of my life I have been busy talking, sharing, performing….Now I know I can just be. I will continue for at least till the end of the year to meet with two participants from the course. Yes, it was a huge commitment of time and it was a gift.

— Rebecca Lellek, Montana

"I find myself in authentic awe, union, and curiosity..."

This is the fifth class taught by Chloe Goodchild that I've taken through the Shift Network. Chloe's classes are always a stimulating combination of fresh material and the familiar. Each time I revisit a familiar practice, tool, or resource I experience it from a different vantage point. Similar to an onion, layers are peeled away, and I find myself in authentic awe, union, and
— Mary, Wisconsin

"I developed a heart centred commitment to myself..."

It was a beautiful deepening experience and one of connection on a deep level as well. The practices became more embodied and I felt shifts and growth in layers of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I developed a heart centred commitment to myself and my practice which now includes others who are also of a similar resonance.
— Shelley, Regina, Canada

"You gradually fall in love with your voice..."

The first time I heard Chloe say that your voice has a connection with your soul it was somehow painful because I don’t like my voice. With eternal gratitude I want to share that her approach of introducing you progressively to this relationship, is soft and tender helping you overcome your voice bias, and at the same time you gradually fall in love with your voice.
— Alejandra, Costa Rica

"I loved the expansive openings I experienced..."

Chloe brings her teachings to life as she radiates compassion and creates an almost palpable connection between her heart and the hearts of participants. I loved the expansive openings I experienced by participating in her course.
— Sharon, Colorado, USA

"I have discovered the cleansing joy of singing..."

I have discovered the cleansing joy of singing with the whole body open as a resonating chamber for the wisdom of my soul.
— Ann, Montpelier, France

"This course opened a doorway..."

This course opened a doorway to a wonderful field of beautiful souls dedicated to grow and enrich the world.

— Peter, BC, Canada

"This course went deeper into my voice..."

This course went deeper into my voice, into my own being, into the consciousness of the beauty of silence. I feel I want to sing and sing and enjoy the presence I feel afterwards.

— Maite, Mexico

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