Chloë is author of The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound  (North Atlantic Books, 2015). She is director of The Naked Voice (1990) and its Charitable Foundation an international community, dedicated to the practice and evolution of compassionate communication. Deafness in childhood catalysed Chloë’s discovery of inner sound and silence, and has led to a lifetime’s research of the human voice as one of humanity’s most untapped resources for personal and global health and well-being.

“Chloë is one of the freest spirits I have ever seen on stage”

– Juliet Stevenson

Chloë studied Music, English and Education at Cambridge university (1972–76) and graduated with an honours degree. As a Quaker in the 70’s Chloe collaborated on innovative research in non-violent communication, and she was funded by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust from 1982-85 to bring Peace Education into schools. Realising the low status of music education, Chloe left mainstream education to evolve her own East-West vocal research, influenced by research travels in Africa, India, Europe, the Middle East, USA and Canada. Chloe has immersed herself in the transformative power of sound and song with indigenous wisdom teachers, Classical Indian musicians, and masters of non-duality (oneness). A transformative ‘no-mind’ experience in Northern India, inspired by one of India’s greatest woman saints, Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982), gave birth to The Naked Voice, which Chloe founded in 1990. She has now established experiential in-depth trainings, researching the voice – silent, spoken and sung - as a transformative practice, sourced from a direct connection with fundamental consciousness as the primordial sound. Chloe’s memoir, The Naked Voice – A Singer’s Journey to the Spirit of Sound tells the story of these formative years. 


The Naked Voice philosophy and practices are rooted in the perennial wisdom tradition on non-dual communication. An understanding of three pillars of sound – sound awareness, sound intelligence and wisdom – awaken a direct experience of your ‘musical mind’, and the unique song of your soul. Your ‘naked’ voice is as unique as your fingerprint or DNA. It arises from a direct connection with your true nature, a wisdom, whose resonance is older and deeper than the polarity of all conflict. Your ‘naked’ or authentic voice, is the mouthpiece of that wisdom. It is a metaphor for life, the muscle of your soul, and a catalyst for authentic expression, compassionate collaboration, co creation and leadership.


At the heart of the Naked Voice is an in-depth process of self-observation through non-judgemental listening. Silence is discovered here as a dynamic ‘inner music’ with the capacity to inspire, inform and ultimately transform reactive or negative emotion into deeper positive feeling. Practitioners discover how to access, and to express their truth as unconditional presence. Solo and small group work lead into a shared experience of harmonic resonance within the whole group, which becomes an interconnected field of sound, or ‘singing field’. This singing field generates an all-inclusive listening that dissolves separateness and fear, and awakens Love’s unconditional presence. Chloe and her trained facilitator teams offer The Naked Voice trainings, courses, experiential research and events worldwide – online and in-person.

Chloe is a faculty member & partner with global teaching platform, The Shift NetworkAs well as partnering with the Shift Network, Chloe’s original range of albums, meditations, online courses, and Sounds True audiobooks are available from Amazon, Spotify, Apple, and from Chloe's websites: thenakedvoice.com & chloegoodchild.com.   


Public Performance & Creative Collaboration:


2020 celebrates 30 years anniversary of The Naked Voice and Chloe will be launching several new initiatives including her new Album “We are Human Beings” on March 23rd 2020 at Alternatives, St James Church, Piccadilly, London.  Chloe has sung for HH Dalai Lama at The Good Heart conference, London University, UK;  The Way of Peace, world conference held in Northern Ireland; and at HH Dalai Lama’s Honorary Doctorate ceremony, Belfast.  She was music director, composer and performer at The Vagina Monologues with its acclaimed author, Eve Ensler, in Madison Square Gardens NYC. Chloe conducted her Vulva Choir there, comprising 75 of the top actresses of the world, including Queen Latifah, Jane Fonda, Brooke Shields and Glenn Close. On the morning of September 11th 2001, Chloe was flying from UK over New York, in a United Airlines plane, destined for San Francisco. She was in the air when the tragic news of the World Trade Towers came through. This inspired the, Fierce Wisdom album, and her world anthem Singing Field, performed at, “Transforming September 11th” at the Royal Opera House London in the presence of world leaders and UN members.


Chloë has made a range of albums, including DeviSura (Grammy nominated), Fierce Wisdom and her latest album of collected works, Thousand Ways of Light. She and Rumi poet, Coleman Barks, recorded two Rumi albums,  There is Some Kiss We Want and The Glance. Chloe has recorded with Angelo Badalamenti, “Hollywood’s hottest film composer”; the late Byzantine composer John Tavener (Mary of Egypt, Collins Classics CD);  film director Jane Campion (Holy Smoke with Kate Winslet, Harvey Keitel); Discovery Channel; the BBC and with leading world,  jazz and pop musicians.  in 2007 Sounds True commissioned Chloe to make a comprehensive Instructional Audio-book, Awakening Through Sound (5 CDs+DVD).


‘Chloe Goodchild’s subtle voicework opens the heart. She is a spectacular genius of this teaching art. She is at the core of a fascinating phenomenon that is allowing individuals to find their truth and freedom through the creative process of voice and sound” - Coleman Barks,  Rumi : Soul Fury

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