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Coleman Bark’s translations of Rumi have make Rumi a best-selling poet in the USA today. Coleman and Chloë Goodchild met in November 1997 and began recording the spoken and sung versions of Rumi’s poetry almost immediately. They have given performances with world musicians in Canada, London and Ireland.


“There are no words to explain,
no tongue
how when the player touches
the strings, it’s me playing
and being played
how existence turns
around the music, how stories
grow from the trunk.”

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi translated by Coleman Barks


There Is Some Kiss Tracklist

1. Love Has Taken Away My Practices

2. Watch the Dust-grains

3. There Is Some Kiss We Want

4. A Young Man Rolls

5. Jars of Springwater

6. A Nightingale Flies Nearer

7. When the Soul First Put on the Body's Shirt

8. I Start Out on this Road

9. Pale Sunlight

10. Look How Desire Has Changed in You

11. Learn the Alchemy

12. I See My Beauty in You

13. You Ask Why

14. Fire Is Whispering a Secret

15. I Am Here

16. Will This Night of Talking Ever End


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There Is Some Kiss We Want With Our Whole Lives (Download)

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