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First published in 1993.

From the back cover of the original printing:


The Naked Voice is the story of one woman's journey, through music, into life.


The voice inside eachof us is the voice that speaks and sings our truth. By learning to listen to our voice, by learning to understand, honour, accept and express its message, we begin to discover our inner freedom and to carry it into the world. For Chloë Goodchild, this listening search has led to extensive travels in Africa and India; to marriage, motherhood and separation; to a spiritual transformation through the Indian saint Ananda Mayi Ma; life with a rich new love; work as a voice therapist; and then as a professional singer to the recording studio and the theatre stage.


In telling her story, Chloë Goodchild shows each of us the extent in which life and its expression in art are inextricably entwined. This book does not only take us into the experience of a singer with a unique and exceptional talent; it is also a work of inspiration and guidance for anyone who wants to learn how to mine the richest, deepest seams of the creative life.

The Naked Voice - A Singer's Journey To The Spirit of Sound (e-Book)

  • pdf e-book, 205 pages

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