In Her Presence

3 Chants of the Sacred Feminine


I am delighted and honoured to bring you these new extended vocal meditations, from my new Devotional Music Compilations SeriesEach album highlights three or four of my most treasured musical offerings sacred prayers, chants, mantras, vocal medicine inspired by a direct experience of the sound and spiritual philosophy of mystical and wisdom lineages worldwide. These new extended versions of the originals, provide you with a much more in-depth opportunity to listen, to absorb and to actively participate - as inspired. Enjoy these unique music meditations providing you with an uplifting entry into silent meditation, restoring harmony and stillness, through this original healing power of devotional sound and silence.


In Her Presence Tracklist

1. Sri Ma (15:04)

2. Om Anandamayi (13:20)

3. Devi (12:45)


These three devotional chants celebrating the sacred feminine are amongst my favourites. They are all inspired by my relationship with the great Indian woman saint and luminary, Anandamayi (1896-1982). She first appeared to me in dreams in the late 80s when I was sleeping on the sea shore in Crete. But it wasn’t until Ram Dass showed me some photos of Anandamayi, along with a remarkable book, called, ”Matri Darshan” (Grace of the Mother), that I realised that it was She who had entered my dreams, and subsequently transformed the course of my life.


Sri Ma (Beloved Mother) is based on a very accessible melody line in a major key, making it easy to sing along with, whilst inviting your devotional heart to open and light up within. Singing Her recurring melody invokes a deep awareness of Her all-pervading Presence in every cell of your body.


Om Anandamayi (Blissful Mother, be praised) is a more intense devotional prayer, which opens with an archival recording of Anandamayi’s wild infectious laughter. This mysterious beautiful chant was given to me over 20 years ago, in California by a devotiona