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Heart of Wisdom

3 Mantras of the Heart


I am delighted and honoured to bring you these new extended vocal meditations, from my new Devotional Music Compilations SeriesEach album highlights three or four of my most treasured musical offerings sacred prayers, chants, mantras, vocal medicine inspired by a direct experience of the sound and spiritual philosophy of mystical and wisdom lineages worldwide. These new extended versions of the originals, provide you with a much more in-depth opportunity to listen, to absorb and to actively participate - as inspired. Enjoy these unique music meditations providing you with an uplifting entry into silent meditation, restoring harmony and stillness, through this original healing power of devotional sound and silence.


Heart of Wisdom Tracklist

1. Om Tara (13:31)

2. Heart Sutra (How I Love You) (12:35)

3. Naked In Our Song (10:16)


Heart of Wisdom celebrates two sacred mantras, from the Buddhist tradition, together with a contemporary prayerful song of my own, which for me, resonates with the first two. Tara (Goddess of Compassion) and Prajnaparamita (Goddess of Emptiness-Perfection) are both archetypal deities, whose presence has pursued me in my dreams, compelling me to invoke their sacred message, through these two transformative mantras. Tara appeared in the mid-90s, when I was visiting the Yasodhara Ashram, in BC Canada with my daughter. The Heart Sutra shocked me awake in a dream, in which a red Buddha commanded me to know the Heart Sutra. Shortly after that dream, I met the Vietnamese zen teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh who transmitted his understanding. After years of chanting the Heart Sutra on the ‘unchanging’ note, I added a simple descending melody line - “How I Love You” from above. I had been exploring sounding this with groups in workshops and retreats.

It is my hope that this simple new melodic line invites our ordinary personality to unify and dissolve into the eternal presence of the wisdom mantra, thus generating a space of Love – both human-divine. I have found that this simple alteration engages and shifts my attention more quickly from busy-mind into an inner state of deepest peace and presence. I have included my own contemporary mantra, Naked In Our Song, as a further reminder of how a simple message from the beyond, out of nowhere, can also offer us a profound way to unify our everyday life with our eternal nature. Enjoy listening, meditating and singing along with, Heart of Wisdom.

Heart of Wisdom (Download)

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